Tropical Tractor

An orange tractor haying the fields at our midcoast Maine family farm with a beach umbrella above our farmer to help him stay cool.

We hope you’ve all survived the heat without too much stress. It always makes me feel kind of trapped… But life has to go on, and in this case we couldn’t miss the opportunity to cut some hay, no matter how deadly the heat. There has been a severe shortage of haying weather this summer, and with fall breathing down our neck, we are getting desperate to get our feed hay in for the winter. Anil set out bravely into the blasting heat on Thursday morning, but after about an hour I got a message to bring some baling twine and a parasol down to the field… My ever creative husband had figured out a way to carry his shade with him! It looked so cheery, it helped to dispel some of the dread of the super heated air, and turn it into a tropical beach adventure. 

The other intrepid workers this week were Robin Tobey’s landscaping crew, who spent the week transforming our brushy cut over into a beautifully graded lawn, with room for parking and an expanded farmers market and event space. We are SOOOOOO excited!!!  We have been dreaming about expanding our market space for years, so it was magical to see the transformation completed within a week! It was amazing to watch their enormous machines effortlessly extracting stumps, their long roots dangling high in the air, and digging out huge boulders with a quick snap of their gaping jaws. The crew drove away today, leaving a smooth, gently sloped hillside and leveled lower lawn. Now it is up to us to get the lawn grass established this fall, so we can entertain you on our new green next spring! I still can’t believe it, even when I’m looking out at it – come take a peek for yourself & help me realize it’s real!

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