Chateau Briant’s Martin

A brown and black male alpine goat buck on green grass in Somerville, Maine.


          SS: Kara-Kahl Aizumi

     S: Kara-Kahl AZ Atticus *B

          SD: Kara-Kahl Manny’s Akeelah 10*M

Chateau Briant’s Martin

          DS: +*B GCH Chateau Briant’s Jaylen

     D: SGCH Chateau Briant’s Briana 11*M

          DD: SGCH Chateau Briant’s Brennah 10*M

More About Martin

We have waited a LONG time for a buck from Chateau Briant’s Briana, as she kept making twin does. Briana comes from a long line of exceptionally productive does, who just keep passing it on to their daughters. Our foundation doe, Chateau Briant Juniper, was a half-sister to Briana, and gave us all our top does: Hazel, Sesame, and Sage. A few years later, we purchased a Briana daughter, Breena, who gave us Butterfly, the only doe that has ever possessed the potential to outmilk our top trio. Honestly, we’d have taken a buckling from any sire, but Atticus comes from another long line of milkers, so we’re hoping Martin has no choice but to pass on the milk gene! 

 Martin himself has a lot of growing up to do, but he’s been eager to add his genetics to our herd. We’re keeping every finger and toe crossed that he gives us some daughters, then we’ll still have to wait another year to see how they do… A lot of waiting for a little guy! Hopefully he’ll look a lot more impressive by then!

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