Pumpkin Vine Hailstorm *B

Pumpkin Vine Hailstorm is a white and black alpine buck posing in front of a white barn wall in Somerville, Maine.


          SS: Shining-Moon X-Rated ++*B

     S: Tempo Aquila X-R Sunflash *B

          SD: SGCH Tempo Aquila Rotini 5*M

Pumpkin Vine Hailstorm *B

          DS: Sage Farm Jacko Lantern +B

     D: SG Pumpkin Vine Hazel 12*M

          DD: SG Chateau Briant’s Juniper 11*M

More About Hailstorm

As one of our first “homegrown” bucks that we selected to keep as a breeder, we were thrilled to have Hailstorm nominated to the Young Sire program. His mother Hazel is the most productive doe we’ve ever had, combining Mamm-Key genetics through Sage Farm’s Jacko, and the unstoppable B-line from Chateau Briant. Hazel starts with a bang and just never wants to stop milking! To compensate for some of her structural weaknesses, we crossed her to Tempo’s Sunflash, the largest, more powerfully correct buck we’ve ever seen. Hailstorm was impressive from birth, so we just had to keep him and try him on a few young does. His first two daughters have been milking really well, and we have a lot more coming on line in 2023, so we’re excited to see how they perform. 

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