Tempo Aquila Liv Hanuman

Hanuman a black and white goat stands in front of the barn at Pumpkin Vine Farm in Somerville, Maine.


          SS: SG Tempo Aquila Handyman ++*B

     S: Tempo Aquila Livingston *B

          SD: SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free 1*M

Tempo Aquila Liv Hanuman

          DS: Bearly Alakai Glasgow *B

     D: Tempo Aquila Step Up

          DD: SGCH Tempo Aquila Steppin’ Free

More About Hanuman

Hanuman is our second Tempo buck, and our focus this time was more on milk production, as we were hoping for a Casein B carrier through his mother, Step Up. That didn’t turn out, but even so his mother Step Up is all about milk, with a beautiful capacious udder that we’ll happily add to our herd genetics. Livingston is the product of two Tempo legends, so all in all, Hanuman brings a lot to our herd and has been happy to contribute. He’s living up to his reputation as the Hindu Monkey God, the helper of mankind. 


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