This Week At The Market You’ll Find…


Andrews Farm is sending CUCMBERS (sweet!), arugula, salad turnips, kale, spring onions and potatoes. Sadly for us & the farm, the groundhogs feasted on the lettuce and spinach this week…

Crystal Lake Farm & Nursery is bringing seedling to jump start your edible garden, and perennial plants to enrich your landscape – and your pollinator’s! Check out their beautiful handmade garden trellis, woven with local vines. 

Foxfire Farm has nutritious storage crops for sale in the market fridge until they can join us on June 19: beets, carrots, cabbage, and everyone’s new mystery veg, celeriac! Share your celeriac recipes : ) 

Wild Fruitings has an amazing selection of everyone’s favorite fungi: from lions mane to oysters to artistic creations. We sautéed some this week alongside fish and spinach and nearly died from delight!


B&T is enjoying the fruits of the season with a special batch of rhubarb bars! Also advance notice they’re making their amazing goat cheese kolaches, which go fast, so be advised if you’re a die hard fan… plus artisanal bread & pastries galore! 


Hawthorne & Thistle is your go-to for that full-flavored sheep sausage, available HOT or in breakfast or garlic flavors. Check out their range of fiber products, from hand-dyed yarn to their popular dryer balls, which make a beautiful, safely natural kid’s toy.

Woodhaus Farm is making Classic Breakfast Sausage, Chorizo, Beer Brats, SeaSide Sausage, and Laciniato. Intrigued? Come ask what’s inside for that perfect ice-breaker : ) Their cut of the week is PORK CHOPS (did someone say grill?), and they’ll have leaf lard and bone broth. 


Summit Farm’s very own Somerville syrup is going fast, because it’s almost as sweet as they are! Yep, many of you know Heidi Bray, one of our wonderful volunteers with the sweetest welcoming smile – and a new goat Mama in her own right! She started making soap, which is by far the  best I’ve ever used, so hopefully she’ll have more of that later this year…


Pumpkin Vine is keeping you healthy with the best probiotic yogurt in town, either in plain quarts for your mixing pleasure, or in our Superpower Smoothies (read that in your best comic strip voice).  We’ve got chevre to please in every flavor, as well as our delicious aged Somersalt Feta. I’ve been trying to cut our Capriccio, an aged asiago-style cheese, but I’m not making any promises, Bill 🙂

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