This Week At The Market You’ll Find…


Crystal Lake Farm & Nursery has your landscaping needs covered so you can make your own perennial pollinator garden

Foxfire Farm’s garden is now in full production and overflowing with amazing organic veggies. Marc does a lot of variety trials for Fedco, so be sure to ask him about his weekly offerings. This week he has tomatoes! (heirloom, slicing, and cherry, eggplant, summer onions, carrots, radishes, salad turnips, salad mix, cabbage and don’t forget the eggs!

Wild Fruitings continues to astonish with their mushroom quality and variety. We sautéed a pan of mixed mushrooms, and it was astonishingly good – such a depth of flavor. It was so delicious that I ate it straight with a spoon until I remembered that I’d toasted a B&T English muffin to put under it, which was the perfect way to soak up the mushroom broth. Heaven!


B&T Baked Goods will be freshly back from holiday and bursting with all your favorite pastries and bread.


Hawthorne & Thistle has whole rabbit this week (and possibly this week only until they can get a schedule set up with their butcher) as well as her delicious sheep meat and fiber. Steph may be away at fairs the next few weeks, so talk to her about pre-orders this week. 

Woodhaus Farm has been busy concocting all sorts of flavors of sausage, including chicory maple breakfast, chocolate, roman, Toulouse, cider links, and forever garlic. They’re also stocked up with whole ducks as well as legs and breasts. Good luck choosing between their bone broth flavors: duck and lemongrass or lamb and turmeric. 


Summit Farm’s  has a fresh batch of Heidi’s luxurious homemade goat milk soaps, to which I have become totally addicted…  you’ll have to beat me!


Pumpkin Vine as Wild Blueberry smoothies (think pie a la mode), and has made a special batch of maple walnut this week, as I often run out by Sunday. This is your week for this decadent Maine spread, perfect on B&T English muffins for breakfast. 

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