Wingwood Farm REV Anakin

A black and brown nubian goat standing in front of a barn being held by a farmer with a green shirt on both are standing in front of the barn at the farm in Midcoast Maine.


          SS: +*B SGCH DKGH Playboy’s Rock IT

     S: DKGH Rock it Revival

          SD: CH DKGH Take me to the Remedy

Wingwood Farm REV Anakin

          DS: *B CH Wingwood Farm CM Atlante

     D: Wingwood Farm Flyin Annapurna

          DD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Tao Arista 2*M 

More About Anakin

Anakin is the first Wingwood buck we’ve brought in, and stunning is too mild a word for him. From the day he walked out of his shipping crate, he’s been right at home, cool and confident. When he moves, he is all flowing grace. His kids this year were big and beautiful – and boys (sigh) so we’re still waiting to see what he adds to the herd. He’s got milk on both sides of his pedigree, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed, and just admiring him in the meantime. Hopefully the appraiser will come before the rut season in 2023…!

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