Wingwood Farm TS Alexandrite *B

Brown nubian buck on green grass in front of trees in Somerville, ME.


          SS: SGCH Wingwood Farm Blazin Tamerlane ++*B

     S: GCH Wingwood Farm Blazin Tristar ++*B

          SD: Wingwood Farm KR Tamarind 2*M

Wingwood Farm TS Alexandrite *B

          DS: My-Enchanted-Acres LM Candyman +*B

     D: SG WIngwood Farm Sweet Amber 3*M

          DD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Lucky Altima 2*M


More About Alexandrite

Alex is the buck we’re pinning our hopes on to add some serious milk to our Nubian herd! His mother Amber was milking almost 2 gallons / day in 2023 and comes from a long line of productive Nubians. Milk ability is notoriously fickle in Nubians, but if anyone can pass it on, Amber has a good chance as the kid of Candyman and Altima. Tristar was a large, exceptionally correct buck, so Alex has a lot to live up to! At this point, he’s a long, mellow guy, not nearly as flashy as Anakin, but hopefully the quiet owner of the more important milk genetics… We bred him to our top Nubian doe Eclipse, hoping we’ll finally get some daughters that outperform their mother! 

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